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Grow your newsletter faster without working harder

The Creator Network is a way to scale your newsletter growth that doesn't involve busy work like posting more on social media, relying on an algorithm, or other time-consuming tasks.

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Reach new audiences to grow your email list

All creators are working hard to grow their list. So, why not do it together? 

With the Creator Network, you can recommend and be recommended by other creators to grow your newsletters together. When they gain new subscribers, so do you. When you gain new subscribers, so do they.

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Here's how it works

1. Sign up for a paid ConvertKit account

The Creator Network is a tool in ConvertKit's paid plan stack to help creators grow their audiences.

2. Search and find creators

Filter by creator type or topic to find creators with similar audiences to recommend.

3. Recommend

Choose as many creators to recommend as you like and we'll automagically rotate them to show 5 at a time.

4. Get recommended

Once you've recommended at least one creator, you'll be added to the directory for other creators to find and recommend you. 

5. Grow your list

When creators recommending you gain new subscribers, your newsletter gets introduced to a whole new audience.

Austin L. Church

Some days, 50% of my new subscribers are coming from referrals. So it's safe to say that the Creator Network has doubled my growth rate.

Austin L. Church

Writer & Founder of Freelance Cake

Powered by ConvertKit

Creator Network is powered by ConvertKit, a platform built to help creators like you make a living doing what you love. With ConvertKit, you can build a newsletter, automate email marketing funnels, sell digital products, and more.

ConvertKit + Creator Network

With Creator Network, you can grow your newsletter without working harder. And with ConvertKit, you can use that growth to generate more income.

Find out why ConvertKit is a tool that pays for itself.

Creator Network - Powered By ConvertKit

Grow your newsletter faster without working harder.

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